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Casino Game Studios

Selling slots to online casinos

Selling games to big casino operators is probably the biggest challenge a casino game studio will face at the beginning of its operation. Thanks to our large network we can get your games into those casino brands you struggle to work with.

Helping game studios to market their casino games is what we do the best. We have vast experience in selling slots, table games to online casinos no matter the jurisdiction they operate.

We can deal with all your marketing and commercial activities; from press releases to help you to arrange the correct presence in gaming exhibitions.

Contract negotiation with big operators

It takes a while to understand how the industry moves and the correct price point for different products and services. We have been doing this for almost a decade and we can share all that knowledge with you.

You might be scared to face negotiation with a large gambling corporation well, don´t be anymore, we are here to help you and to get the best possible deal working with your neck to neck no matter if it is a commercial agreement or a full partnership deal.

Account Management

Selling your product is certainly not enough, you need to communicate, engage, encourage your clients to activate and promote your games in their casino lobbies, and the competition to get into those lobbies is fierce. 

Manage our casino clients is our bread and butter for us. We allocate as many resources to account management than sales. We strongly believe that’s ore biggest differentiation point. In VLC we have dedicated staff to manage your clients and make them push your games as much as possible.  

Integrations and IT consultancy

In this online environment everything is IT related somehow. We have access to the top firms and individuals in the gambling industry to enable you to get your business in shape to compete with the big game studios of the market.

We can tailor-made the perfect solution for you, acting as independent consultants we can identify the perfect solution for your RNG, game platform or aggregator needs without any type of bias.

No matter if you have an in-house IT department or not, we can help you to sort all those IT necessities for you. We have already negotiated with the top suppliers so you can get access to the best prices for the best CRM, BI solutions.

Product development

Slots games are one of the most competitive products of the industry, hundreds of active studios compete every month with their game releases to get the premium positions in the casino lobbies of the casino operators.  

Product development and constant innovation are needed in order to win that battle.

In VLC we can be an integrated part of your game designing team, we have access to the key metrics of the market and we can help you to apply to your games what the casinos are looking for.

Casino & Gambling Operators

New exclusive gaming content

In a really crowded e-gaming market, differentiate the slot offer of your casino is more relevant than ever. Big studios are available nearly everywhere and most of the casino lobbies look too similar one from another, new studios are difficult to find and even more difficult to get them integrated due to the thigh integration schedule your IT department has, in VLC we have fixed that.

Local slot games

Player bases are far away from being homogeneous, every market reacts differently to the product offer and big brands need localized relevant products to get the correct market fit.

In order to increase the appeal when it is landing in a new market, an international brand is forced to offer a localized product but that is easier to be said than done. VLC can help you to do so, our network is feeding with inside information constantly giving us a holistic view of the main markets.

Easy and quick integrations

Long difficult integrations are one of the biggest enemies of a fast-growing casino operator: business decisions are contingent on IT schedules. 

In VLC we see the situation where the casino operator has a waiting list of months to get a new slot provider way too often and that is why we work only with easy and fast to integrate providers, offering in most of the cases previous integrations easing that way almost all the pain. 

Incorporation and holding structure

How your holding is set up and where your company is incorporated might affect significantly your bottom line.

In VLC we have a large network of associates who can help you to make the key decision about where to establish your business and how to get the company incorporation process complete in the best jurisdiction. 

Legal and taxes 

We assist you in all the legal and taxation process of your casino, from filling reports and submissions to manage the communication process with the regulator. No matter where your company is registered, we can help you.

KYC & Responsible gambling

Nearly as important as the operation is to apply the KYC and Responsible gambling (RG) regulations in order to operate in regulated markets.

Regulations differ between jurisdictions and you need a reliable partner as VLC in order to be compliant.

Game Aggregators & Platforms

Independent partner

In VLC we know that a game studio is not only in charge of making slots games and sell them to casino brands, but they need also to maintain a technical ecosystem of APIs, integrations and platforms; choose those technical platforms correctly is critical for your business.

As independent consultants, in VLC we are able to complete the analysis and due diligence necessary without any kind of conflict of interest, offering to our partners the best advice possible.

Gaming platform

Either you have an inhouse gaming platform or you are looking in the market for a third-party solution, VLC can assist you to find the perfect match.

VLC team has been actively working on the field for over a decade with the first-hand experience with most of the solutions available in the market.

Game aggregators

Games aggregators play an important role in the industry as they decrease the number of integrations between casinos and suppliers. 

For small game, studios become even more important because get direct integrations with casino operators are getting more and more challenging over time.

We have partnered up with some of the most exciting game aggregators of the market allowing the studios we represent to get integrated to the best casino brands in the most efficient manner.

Gamification & Other Gambling Providers

Sell products and services to the Igaming industry has never been easy: most of the companies outside the sector do not understand the needs of one of the faster moving sectors on the net.

Our large network of associates provides the full range of marketing services online casino operators and casino studios need: branding, web development, design, copywriting…

We help our partners to find the correct tools and IT solutions for their business. We are obsessed with data and in order to align our firm interest with our clients' ones we use and assist to integrate only the best CRM and BI solutions.


Gamification is one of the biggest revolutions of retention marketing and it has a tremendous impact on the ARPU of your operation.

It is in your best interest to keep your players entertain the most time possible, challenging them with tasks and rewarding them in a fun way. Gamification increases the wagering but also more importantly the loyalty of your player base. 

In VLC we understand the importance of gamification and that is why we represent the easiest to integrated gamification solution in the market.

Game certification

It is mandatory you get your games certified for every jurisdiction you operate and you have a license for. 

In order to do that you need a laboratory that will carry an extended analysis of your games: how it is played, RTP, rules and responsible gambling, limits and restrictions… Once the analysis is positive you will receive a certificate that you will need to share with the online casino before the offer your games.

In VLC we can help you not only to get your certifications but to get it at the most competitive price from one of the most respectful laboratories.

Compliance and gambling license (regulator names and shelter)

You need a license to operate in the regulated markets such as the USA, UK, France, Spain, Denmark, Sweeden, Italy, Malta, Portugal…

Get your gaming license it is a really complex process you need to be surrounded only by the best of the best, a lot of effort, time and resources are needed in order to get your license and to operate in those territories.

VLC has successfully helped several companies in the gambling license process. We can also help you if what you are looking for is a sheltering license agreement. Get in touch and let us assist you to with your gambling license.