New game release

INFERNO! One of the titles from Gamshy

April 27, 2020

Gamshy show us one of their slots that players will enjoy for sure.

Souls are flying in purgatory, awaiting to be freed or damned for all eternity. This is the first scenario encountered in this 2D videoslot: a 5 reels, 3 rows grid inside a limbo populated by cartoonish devils that may turn the symbols “Wild”.

Ready to know your fate?

Starting in purgatory, there are only two directions: upwards, where the angelic triangle will transport the player into the “Free Spin Heaven”, between blessed sould and fluffy white clouds.
And downward, where he’ll be dragged down deep, inside the “Devil’s mouth Free Spin”!

What happens in Eden?

Only the purest of the souls will be able to reach the Gates of Eden, where they’ll find a 5 reels, 3 rows grid that may split into two identical grids, allowing a double win!

What’s going on in the Devil’s Mouth?

The meanest souls will be dragged right into the Devil’s Mouth. A wicked freespin mode, where each spin is replaced by a diabolical chew of this unusual grid.

Gamshy talked about the challenges faced in making this game:

“Inferno is a video slot rich in symbols, game plays and winning modes that promise a high level of engagement from the players. Technically this translates to a great challenge that our team has brilliantly faced and accomplished. We’re very proud of the final result and very confident that the players will appreciate this game.”